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Marie-Antoinette beach fan

For rich girls who have nothing better to do than to sunbathe at the Côte d'Azur
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My yearly vacation in the South of France always draws me to the posh cities of the Côte d'Azur, just to spot some luxury. (We then go back to the hills and to normality.)

At the beach, you see girls wearing $16000 sunglasses, often they carry a luxury beach bag in one hand, and a pink poodle which stays in their hotel for $200 a night in the other hand, etc... You know what I am describing.

Bizarrely, these bourgeois girls do venture on to the beach and they even dare to sunbathe amongst the plebs -- using an ordinary beach towel!!! (They do this not to show off, but more out of curiosity, to see what the actual plebs looks like, a bit like the 19th century industrialist's wife who went to visit the workers' slums, in search for exotic experiences.)

For these ladies I designed a camp/hyper-kitsch high-tech solar powered fan. Mind you, this is really the Marie-Antoinette of solar powered beach fans.

Put the fan next to your beach towel. If you point the little solar panel on the poodle's head to the sun, the fan will blow fresh wind into your face.

Please have a look at the picture I made of it. You will see that Paris Hilton might be interested.

It costs US$ 6000 a piece. (The next summer, when the ladies no longer want it, we mass produce it and sell it for US$40 a piece - for the plebs, that is.)


django, Jul 30 2006

Marie-Antoinette Fan http://i3.photobuck...iesel/cotedazur.jpg
Paris, mail me at: poshfan@paris.fr [django, Jul 30 2006, last modified Jul 31 2006]

Marie-Antoinette - Copolla style http://www.fluctuat...arie_antoinette.jpg
See the portrait in the link under this one, for the way she wore her hats. [django, Jul 31 2006]

For Dr Curry - her hat http://splendors-ve...rg/Images/msv12.jpg
The hat is worn sidewards - the first queen to wear this type of hat in that way [django, Jul 31 2006]


methinksnot, Jul 30 2006

       Great Idea, If they could also come in red, white, black, or blue (no beige, it's to close to sand color, you might trip over it). I'm sure some men would like it also. Bun.
-wess, Jul 31 2006

       Snazzy solar-powered fans for the beach sound like an excellent idea. Just not getting the Marie Antionette connection. The thing guillotines you if you eat cake?
DrCurry, Jul 31 2006

       Dr Curry, the Marie-Antoinette name is just a reference to a style. It's often used by camp artists, because of its pastel colors, and the roccoco elements. Design is often more than mere functionality. I'm glad you immediately think of another reference (the guillotine) - even such consciously wrong interpretations are fun and a part of art's effects. Thanks for it. Also, in this case, the hat on the fan is tilted a bit side-wards, just like Marie-Antoinette's way of wearing a hat. [link] The jet-set girls know perfectly what the reference is supposed to mean.   

       I heard there is a very hip slender vase out there, an object made by a Japanese designer. It's called "Monsieur Chirac greets the world".
django, Jul 31 2006

       // The jet-set girls know perfectly what the reference is supposed to mean. // Well that rules me out...
MoreCowbell, Jul 31 2006

       I would read this but I have to go strangle my personal assistant with a tennis bracelet
pigtails_and_ponies, Jul 31 2006


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