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Swimsuit Suit

Swimwear for fancy people.
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Have you ever been at a fancy party and had a strong urge to jump in the pool? Normally, you could not do this without ruining your expensive suit. But the Swimsuit Suit is made out of waterproof material, making it perfectly safe to dive in! Also available in a dress version for the ladies.
Papercut, Jun 15 2005

swimwear http://www.beachwear.net
mmm, this requires some thought. You could even wear the swimsuit suit to work, and if its raining heavily - doesn't matter. Great if you go to work as a diver, no need to change. lol [DigiNailArt, Oct 25 2005]


       //Have you ever been at a fancy party and had a strong urge to jump in the pool? // No but it's a good idea. Maybe at my next party.
hidden truths, Jun 16 2005

       I'd prefer to just call this idea "Casual Fridays."   

       Hmm, Bun for getting wet fully dressed, or bone for making swimsuits that cover more... Well, not everyone looks good in a two-piece, so bun it is.
ye_river_xiv, Jun 28 2006

       i've done this anyway. it's why i don't really own fancy clothing anymore.
tcarson, Jun 28 2006


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