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make money fast with generous breasts

online breast building hormone site is medically better than surgery; new molecular mass adjusted hormones have custom areas of effect
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Make money fast: create an online prescription service to create bigger breasts

emphasize that hormones are better than surgery; I have read a medical product statement that said near half of women with breast surgery have another upgrade surgery after seven years; hormones even those that mimic pregnancy should be the standard as I perceive the complication rate is perhaps hundreds of times less than surgery, it is only because there are different "surgery" or "pharmaceutical" medical cultures that cosmetic breast changes aren't just a prescription

The proper way is to write to a few gender change physicians online; tell them that pregnant women gain two cup sizes; tell them that with natural women able to bear live young you would like to mimic normal pregnancy with hormones to create bigger breasts

with the gender physicians protocol or any published protocol find a physician associated with a reputable university overseas, taiwanese or brazilian physicians are a possibility

if the physicians like the idea you should be able to start a click prescription service that truthfully makes breasts larger while being more medically beneficial than surgery

now, here is the actual invention: now that I've described that hormones are better than surgery the opportunity to describe or create new hormones comes up

estrogen linked to GABA (or any estrogen, possibly even estrogenic es-es-es polymer above 400 amu)will remain on the body side of the blood brain barrier, that means the body will be affected absent pms aspects like mood fluctuations

estrogen linked to a super lipophilic group will concentrate at various tissues, possibly fatty tissues or membranes

estrogenic substances that are more hydrophilic will concentrate at different areas, notably the skin this could provide a pregnancy glow effect absent the cytoproliferative risks of lipophilic estrogens

combinng the three effects of BBB, lipophilic, hydrophilic on different tissue systems a certain amount of shape guidance is possible

Also beneficial: surgery: a few thousand; two or three generic pills 30 or 40 per month

plus if the revenue was good you could go public, then the value of your company would be twenty or thirty times times earnings

you would be bringing women an authentic benefit; also the click prescription site could have a psychology quiz to perhaps prescripte a mood elevator like wellbutrin if there was an opportunity to create confidence

beanangel, Jul 01 2008

The more traditional method of making money with generous breasts http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Striptease
NSFW (even though it is wiki) [4whom, Jul 02 2008]

Cake: Fashion Nugget http://www.google.c...HvD&aid=2Vk4XbDNPuB
Great album, great song(s) [normzone, Oct 20 2008]

2-hydroxyestrone http://www.ncbi.nlm...nel.Pubmed_RVDocSum
[beanangel, May 18 2009]

(?) The new youtube video http://www.youtube....watch?v=cgRJdRjm7jM
[beanangel, May 19 2009, last modified Oct 12 2009]


       1. Transgender folks already take estrogens for this. 2. Pharmacologic estrogens have fallen out of favor because they promote breast cancer.
bungston, Jul 01 2008

       The "invention" in this post is to avoid the mood-altering side effects of artificial estrogen by attaching the small estrogen molecule to larger "anchor" molecules that (a) prevent it from affecting the brain (b) direct it to specific tissue, e.g. breast tissue. (I have no idea whether that would work.)   

       This would have applications for transsexuals, keeping the risk of breast cancer the same while lowering the risk of mood disorders.
jutta, Jul 02 2008

       Beany, beany, beany. Why is finding the actual idea in your posts like looking for the proverbial needle in Loch Ness?   

       I think [Jutta] deserves a bonus prize for catching the red herring amongst the wild can of geese.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 02 2008

       The problem is body image, which counselling can address to some extent.   

       Oestrogens seem to be defined as substances promoting endometrial cell mitosis in vitro (but presumably not, say, fibroblasts). That doesn't mean they're like biogenic oestrogens. They influence the progress of certain forms of cancer, particularly if the body can't make them water-soluble form, as they'll then sit there stimulating mitosis in certain tissues. Also, it doesn't follow that even a biogenic "oestrogen" defined in that way, will promote breast growth. Oestrogens bound to lipophilic compounds would be very carcinogenic. It's one of the worst things you could do to them.   

       However, some male to constructed female people might consider that a worthwhile sacrifice, as they see their quality of life as a man to be so low that a few years as a woman would be better than a century as a man.   

       As a gender-dysphoric man, i see gender reassignment as flawed, since to be a woman, you must be born female. Otherwise, you wouldn't have the experience throughout your life of having been perceived as female, which helps make you female. Transsexuals are depressed partly because they have realised that wasn't the problem, and on some level, their gender reassignment is sham. They are still male. It's much commoner for men to want to become women surgically than the reverse, so if they go through with this, they are making a stereotypically male decision. There's no escape.   

       [Jutta], i wish there was a place here i could go to vote for your diligence in untangling the meaning of that post.
nineteenthly, Jul 02 2008

       She doesn't care
Whether or not he's an island.
She doesn't care,
Just as long as his ship's coming in.
She doesn't care
Whether or not he's an island.
They laugh, they make money.
He's got a gold watch.
Shes got a silk dress
And healthy breasts
That bounce on his italian leather sofa.

       The things I do for music. Cake, on the Fashion Nugget album.
normzone, Oct 20 2008

//catching the red herring amongst the wild can of geese//
Brilliant, [MaxwellBuchanan]!
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 20 2008

       on the other hands generous breasts have been known to make money.
WcW, Oct 21 2008

       I LOVE Cake. If you haven't heard it, go buy Comfort Eagle. Now.
wagster, Oct 21 2008

       Now there is a video   

       I just read about 2-hydroxyestrone an estrogenic chemical associated with benefit (link) notes that These findings add further support to the concept that there are several classes of estrogens with distinct biological activities
beanangel, May 18 2009

       I was about to respond to [ninteenthly]'s bizarrely presumptuous comment, but now I see that it's an old one from last year, so I'll just say I really hope not to see any more of that on HB. This is SO not the place for opining on what other people's major life decisions are "really" about, even if the opiner is speaking from personal experience.   

       Anyway, about the science part of [beanangel]'s post, I suspect it's full of whompingly large over-assumptions, but one that jumps out at me right away is "estrogenic substances that are more hydrophilic will concentrate at different areas, notably the skin". That last phrase is a total non sequitur. When a substance is somewhat hydrophilic, that makes it easier to apply to the skin-- from the *outside*. (And I mean "apply to" just in terms of how easily they stick to the skin. In order to actually be absorbed, you would want them to be lipophilic.) Substances in the *bloodstream* that are more hydrophilic are not going to accumulate in the skin, they're going to stay in the bloodstream.   

       Another mystery: what beanangel's company is supposed to make all that money from, if the magic estrogens will be generic.   

       I also applaud [jutta] for trying to find the gold in this idea, but I don't think "keeping estrogen from affecting the brain" is really a selling point for people doing gender reassignment. For every MTF trans person I know, the emotional effects were part of the desired change, even when they were stormy.
hob, May 19 2009


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