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magic bread

yeasty dough lives through the gi tract; engineer dough yeast to make pharmaceuticals n vitamins to create well being
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we've all seen the things about rescuing developing world people with vitamins or pharmaceuticals

I was fortunate to eat a bunch of dough; to my perception if you eat a bunch of dough the carbohydrates plus yeast make it past the stomach then the yeast makes lots of co2 causing a gas-passing event

the gas passing event is proof that yeast live, multiply, metabolize once at the GI tract

Engineering this saccharomyces yeast to produce vitamins as well as peptide pharmaceuticals is known science

the product could be like cookie dough

thus basically eating gobs of engineered bread dough gives physiological well being, cures numerous diseases, plus with the AEDG longevity peptide makes creatures live longer

there are nifty technology possibilities as well: cystiene makes saccharomyces grow orders of magnitude more rapidly (if you blend a N acetyl cystiene nutrition tablet with yeast you'll be goshing at the fizz)

also the aspartame molecule which is a modified peptide has been reproduced as a gene product so you can have it be sugar free but taste pleasant

beanangel, Apr 06 2008

epitalon AEDG as a longevity peptide http://www.ncbi.nlm...nel.Pubmed_RVDocSum
[beanangel, Apr 06 2008]

tamagotchis that teach trillion_20dollar_20tamagotchi_20tutors
[beanangel, Apr 06 2008]


       Unbaked? I think I'd prefer the suppository form.
james_what, Apr 06 2008

       This is fun.   

       It won't work because baker's yeast is not a normal resident of the GI tract. It might survive for a short while after you eat it, but I don't think it'll hang around.   

       You'd be much better of eating vitamin pills.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 06 2008

       the gas production effect lasted about 30 hours   

       the thing is that you could have a blob of cookie dough each d as a replacement for developed world meds   

       plus to make more vitamins or meds you just make more dough   

       I thought a little spore pak that went with the tamagotchis that teach people might be beneficial
beanangel, Apr 06 2008

       I suspect that your intestinal eructations were not a direct manifestation of the yeast. The acid test would involve a cigarette lighter.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 06 2008

       //(if you blend a N acetyl cystiene nutrition tablet with yeast you'll be goshing at the fizz) //   


       Wait a minute. "I farted for thirty hours; if I continue, I'll cure third world sickness"? I promise you, the environ-mentalists are going to be seeking an injunction against you in no time.
david_scothern, Apr 09 2008

       I think it's [bean angel]'s beans, not the bread.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 09 2008

       Definitely a half-baked idea if ever there was one, but for completely different reasons than usual.   

       Whenever i've eaten dough before it's ready, it's made me feel pretty rough, and it hasn't led to flatulence. The idea of GMOs which synthesise aspartame makes me want to die.   

       I also find it hard to believe it can survive for five hours in the stomach.   

       I have to say as well, that i do believe in being a green frondy dwarf living in a pond and surviving by sucking my hair, but i doubt anyone here who's seen my photo would be surprised by that.   

       Incidentally, [treon], should i carry on calling you [treon]? If not, are you [be-an-angel], [bean-angel], both, neither or something which transcends all of these?
nineteenthly, Apr 09 2008

       I KNEW this was treon
evilpenguin, Apr 09 2008

       I can't believe it's not Treon.
po, Apr 09 2008

       Funny: at least one annotation is still labelled Treon, although the others seem to have been moved across. And I really like that we now have another account that contains ideas posted before it was created.
DrCurry, Apr 09 2008

       Maybe everyone else on here is really [treon]. Maybe I'm [treon].   

       The first rule of halfbakery is you do not talk about halfbakery?   

       This is the kind of thing which convinces me that the HB is a figment of my imagination.
nineteenthly, Apr 09 2008

       Or -- or maybe NOBODY is [Treon] and that thing we call [Treon] is a figment of our collective hallucination!
qt75rx1, Apr 10 2008

       If a post by treon falls in the halfbakery and nobody is there to anno, does it make any sense?
Canuck, Apr 10 2008

       Aspartame, to quote wikipedia, is not suitable for baking. Therefore, no idea containing aspartame can be realised practically and can only ever be halfbaked. It would break down otherwise.   

       Concerning genes though, there would need to be a CTA codon and an AAA codon next to each other on the DNA strand. This would be a tiny modification and yes, it seems feasible, but i don't know what it would do to the machinery in the yeast cell. When it got to the stomach, it would stand a fair chance of being converted to methanol if there was more than a small quantity.
nineteenthly, Apr 10 2008

       I'm sorry, I'm still 'goshing' at the phrase 'gas-passing event'.
mecotterill, Apr 16 2008

       Is it me, or did some of the annos just disappear and reappear?
nineteenthly, Apr 16 2008

       Entirely unsure as to why farting is of such note, but I like the general idea of intenstinal flora that produce vitamins, etc.   

       Problem is some of those vitamins are harmful in quantities larger than daily requirements.
FlyingToaster, Apr 16 2008

       They already produce vitamin K, and some claim there are gut flora which make cyanocobalamin, but in the wrong place for it to be absorbed. Water-soluble vitamins might be less of a problem, but the big issue for humans is ascorbic acid/flavonoids, and ascorbic acid can cause kidney stones in overdose.   

       They would also have to be in the right place.
nineteenthly, Apr 16 2008

       bun for "goshing at the fizz". Now where can I get some magic cheese for my magic sandwich?
jaksplat, Apr 17 2008


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