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Memory-Manipulating Movies

Warp your child's mind
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Send us your home videos of your child - for example, meeting Mickey Mouse at Disneyland, or playing football with a friend, or watching dad as he sings in your kitchen.

When we return the video, it will show your child meeting Mickey Mouse *and* Bugs Bunny at Disneyland, or playing football with Wayne Rooney, or watching Elvis as he sings in your kitchen.

If your child is one of the (at least) 40% of people who form false memories after watching these kind of videos, then he will remember his childhood more fondly, gladly appreciating what wonderful parents you were to get Wayne Rooney to play football with him. You will also receive a photo of the event.

If he's not so easily influenced, the video will still seem like a nice 'silly' present for him, like those talking birthday cards with celebrity voices, or a personalised story book.

A low-cost way to provide a childhood full of special moments.*

* Purchaser agrees not to hold M-M M Studios responsible for any emotional or damages suffered by any party as a result of children discovering their parents are sneaky manipulative people who would deliberately toy with their child's mind for trivial purposes.

imaginality, Jul 22 2006

Evidence of this effect http://www.scienced...06/010612065657.htm
Widely-publised study getting people to remember meeting Bugs Bunny at Disneyland [imaginality, Jul 22 2006]

(?) False Memory Quotient FMQ
You may want to measure your child's FMQ first [imaginality, Jul 22 2006]

Elizabeth Loftus article http://www.laweekly...-manipulation/1413/
Longer article about one of the researchers who carried out the study [imaginality, Jul 22 2006]


       Baked- Shephen Hawking had this idea years ago when I was a kid. He told me all about it when we used to hang out at the park.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Jul 22 2006

       Life looks good for the kid that starred in "The Omen".
fridge duck, Jul 22 2006

       I've personally been stuck in a continuous rerun of "Vacation", in the role of Clark Griswald, for over two decades.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jul 22 2006

       "What is that Marilyn Monroe woman doing to Grandpa?"   

       "Whoa!, wrong tape."   

       For a special fee, bitter divorcees can have the testimony of thier dreams; sure to get the other parent tossed in to jail for child abuse or, at a minimum, the loss of any access to the child.   

       "Yes, I do remember daddy having sex with some lady behind me while I was blowing out the candles at my 5th birthday party."
James Newton, Jul 23 2006

       /For a special fee, bitter divorcees can have the testimony of thier dreams; sure to get the other parent tossed in to jail for child abuse or, at a minimum, the loss of any access to the child.//   

       Not funny. This is exactly what I've been facing for the last two years. You don't need tapes, the power of suggestion is strong in young children who haven't yet learnt to distinguish fact from fiction, especially when combined with positive reinforcement.
egbert, Jul 23 2006

       //nice 'silly' present// Bun.   

       Mentioning //Wayne Rooney// Bun removed.
kuupuuluu, Jul 23 2006

       Those are very good points about the bitter divorcee situations, but you'll be glad to know M-M M screens all requests - we only create videos showing positive, fun experiences, not negative ones such as [James Newton] describes.   

       As [kuupuuluu] notes, we are relatively liberal in deciding what counts as a positive experience. Wayne Rooney.. hmm, okay. Dad molesting goat? Maybe not.   

       As for the other partner arguing in court that your having given your child one of our fun, silly videos shows your unsuitability as a parent, or is a prime example of your evilly manipulative nature, you're on your own there.
imaginality, Jul 23 2006

       Long years of verbal abuse and parental neglect would be cheaper.   

       (+) as I am already the product of a warped childhood.   


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