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Mental floss

The fastest way to mental health
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Feed one end of the floss in through the left ear until it pokes out through the right ear. Grab each end of the tape and floss. Crap ideas are simply flossed away, leaving your brain clean and fresh smelling.
oasissteve, Jul 24 2000

Mental Floss http://people.ne.me...ckhart/menfloss.htm
[hippo, Jul 24 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Mental Floss magazine http://www.chronicl...r03Itsmentalsb.html
[hippo, Jul 24 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Mental Floss (animation!) http://www.cabaret.co.uk/vrex/flossno.htm
[hippo, Jul 24 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Mental Floss notecard http://store.yahoo....megranate/7492.html
[hippo, Jul 24 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       My cerebellum needs to be degaussed.   

       I think of sites like this as mental-floss. I run the site through my brain and little nuggets get left on the web. I hope the net result benefits me.
centauri, Jul 24 2000

       Squirt little seed through your ear-holes, or up your noses (via eustachians), and hope they'll plant and grow (eat much Alpen in meantime). Then plants come out ears, or nose, firmly deep-rooted in grey tissue, and air catches leaves makes nice electric into brain.   

       Then each Autumn can harvest and sell with mustard.
eehen, Jul 24 2000

       What is the storage capacity of the brain, anyway?   

       Jeeves couldn't help with this one, but it he did tell me that Data has 100,000 terabytes of memory.
centauri, Jul 25 2000, last modified Aug 30 2000

       I don't think its easy to quantify the brain's storage capacity in digital terms; from all that I've read the brain stores things in a fractal-like manner, with peices of the information spread evenly throughout the network as part of the signal system itself. Hrmm, kind of odd.
amadeus, Jul 26 2000

       The "Pensieve" described by J.K. Rowling in the 4th Harry Potter seems to be much the same idea. You extract extraneous thoughts from your head with a wand (sold separately) and store them in the Pensieve where they can be accessed later at your convenience (and by other people as well).
kimby2, Aug 28 2000

       "Bilions and Billions, more than there are stars in the universe". As Carl Sagen was fond of saying, this in reference to the number of neurons in the Human brain - I have no idea where that particular book is now, I think it was called "The Dragons of Eden", or something like that. The number was somewhere on the order of 10e63 or something absurd like that.
Scott_D, Aug 28 2000

       I'm sure it's not 10e63.
egnor, Aug 28 2000

       How about storage disc that we carry around with us and able to access when needed.   

       I guess much like in The Matix. Need to learn how to fly a helicoper? Just log on and download the info, and then flush when no longer needed.   

       Of course basic things like breathing would be stored in protected files.
sin4life, Aug 28 2000

       But whatever we do don't let Microsoft have anything to do with it, I mean its adds a whole new dimension to the blue screen of death.
Alcin, Aug 29 2000

       Heart v1.0 not responding. A)bort R)etry C)roak?
StarChaser, Aug 30 2000, last modified Aug 31 2000

       Carl Sagan never said "billions and billions." Johnny Carson, impersonating Carl Sagan, said "billions and billions."
centauri, Aug 30 2000

thumbwax, Sep 19 2000

       Estimates: 100 billion neurons in the human brain (occasionally, 10 billion is cited, but the 100 billion numbers tend to be in articles that have literature references); 3 or 4 terabits of storage capacity (without ever giving a reference at all.) I'm not clear on how these values are supposed to relate.
jutta, Sep 20 2000

       Different sorts of information are stored in different areas of the brain. Proper names, for instance, are (apparently) stored in the tip of the (for all right handers and most left handers) right temporal lobe. So the question of total capacity is something of a red herring. Nor is all of the brain available for storage or anything else: much of it is hardwired and dedicated to various processes (the processing of vision in the primates, for example, takes up quite a bit of brain, which is less surprising when you realize that what you see is a complicated, three dimensional, color-corrected artifact having only a somewhat arbitrary relationship to the two dimensional surface of your eyes upon which photons impinge.)
protean, Aug 09 2001


       Now that just sounds dirty...
Madcat, Nov 17 2003


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