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Partitioned Spoon

Have a little taste of everything
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Whilst eating me broth the other day, it occurred to me that I could enjoy two sorts of broth without it all mixing up and mussing me taste buds. The problem inherent with a typical spoon is that all sorts of liquidy substances will pool into the center of the parabolic shape. What therefore I propose is for a spoon to be made with some inner partitioning, similar to a kiddie's lunch tray or a nut bowl. This would enable a person (such as myself, perhaps) to take a little dip of this, and a little dip of that all at one time without the two mingling and cavorting. Perhaps if 'twere a larger soup spoon, you could get three such partitions from the whole deal.

I suppose this would work well with your cough syrup too, being the season and all. You could have a half dose of grape, and a half dose of cherry.

Or use for baking. A half dose of clabbering agent and a half dose of soda.

"But wait", you might say, "what about the mingling of the first into the second as you attempt to fill the other half of your spoon?". To that, I say sod off. Consider this a collaborative effort. Go on and make yourself a tack-on invention for me spoon.

bdag, Jan 06 2010


       I wonder how evacuating this spoon would work with all the partitions in the way.   

       Cleaning it would be a pain in the arse as well.
MikeD, Jan 06 2010

       Bear in mind they needn't be deep divisions, and the tongue is a mighty sly and wonderful evacuation tool.
bdag, Jan 06 2010

       How would you manage to get a dip of "that" without getting a bit of "this" in the "that" as you dipped?
tatterdemalion, Jan 06 2010

       It all goes over the same taste buds and down the same hole doesn't it? Or do you cleanse your palate with delicate sorbet between gobfuls?
gnomethang, Jan 06 2010

       what tatterd said.
dentworth, Jan 07 2010

       This is a simple and good idea. A quick search shows no other public domain. You would be lucky to patent first. If I was buying a bunch of throw away plastic spoons for a birthday party and I saw this partitioned spoon I would buy it. I don't like it when the cake touches the ice cream.
rcarty, Jan 09 2010

       Two spoons
pocmloc, Jan 09 2010

       A spork is a combination of a spoon and a fork.   

       So it seems to me that you've invented the spoonoon.
Loris, Jan 10 2010


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