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instant replay bowling

Watch an instant replay of yourself bowling.
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Most 'American' Bowling alleys have upgraded their scoring systems to a TV monitor that displays goofy graphics after you bowl. I would like to replace the computer generated cartoons with a replay of the last bowler. If timed right you would see a video of the bowler from the point that they release the ball to the point they turn around and celebrate.
Bub, Jan 15 2002

American style bowling http://www.chicagov.../bowling_photos.htm
America's favorite pasttime for fat drunken slobs (I like it too) [AfroAssault, Jan 16 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]

we do it here too http://www.amfbowling.co.uk/
my ex-boyfriend was once #4 in the under 25s [sappho, Jan 16 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]

90210 http://www.beachcal...a.com/lawnbowl.html
Stud(ette)s [thumbwax, Jan 16 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Virtual Bowling http://www.brunswic....com/html/Game.html
A lot of the personal angst; notable difference, not a team game [reensure, Jan 16 2002]


       What if they suck at bowling like me? I would find that depressing.
mephisto, Jan 15 2002

       That would be hilarious! My friends and I used to sneak up behind each other as soon as the ball was released. One of us would stand a few inches behind the person and hold up their arms so that they wrapped around the person about halfway--not touching, of course, and positioned so that the person wouldn't see them until they turned. The person who had just bowled would turn around and, usually, scream. One friend in particular who was very high strung (with good reason, but we teased her mercilessly anyway), and she would jump three feet, scream, and fall backwards.   

       Too bad we were supposed to grow out of things like that years before we finally did...::sigh: Well, it was fun while it lasted.
Galileo, Jan 16 2002

       If you 'suck' at bowling, switch to your weak arm. The results may surprise you.
thumbwax, Jan 16 2002

       I'm not sure if my local municipal bowling green really has a good spot for one to position a video camera. And besides such encumbrances of the modern age are quite out of keeping with the spirit of the noble game of bowls. Ah, the smell of damp grass. The quiet and calm of a summer's afternoon. The gentle arc of a bowl rolling slowly into position behind the jack. And the anticipation of a wee game of dominoes and a few pints afterward.   

       Sorry, I don't quite understand what you mean by "alley", though.
Guy Fox, Jan 16 2002

       Yeah, Guy, us Yanks (or is it "We Yanks?") have a totally different type of bowling, but I'm sure some of us play the style you do. See link.
AfroAssault, Jan 16 2002

       Hey, I'm just glad I got my 'C' in college Phys Ed bowling before everything was instant and video.
entremanure, Jan 16 2002

       Of course. I understand entirely now. The common game of Skittles, so beloved of young children... now, why didn't you say so in the first place? I remember whiling away many an hour playing either Skittles or Rounders in my youth. Hardly games for a grown man, though.
Guy Fox, Jan 16 2002

       I happened to see the end of a darts competition on the telly the other night and after the winning dart was thrown, they showed a slow-motion action replay of the throw which added absolutely no information at all.
hippo, Jan 16 2002

       what DO grown men play then? stop teasing Guy
po, Jan 16 2002

       For grown men po, there is only one kind of bowling, and that's crown green bowling. I do not know whether Guy Fox is referring to this, but in essence crown green bowls is to normal bowls what rugby league is to rugby union - harder, faster, and more ruthless.
The litteral difference is that you get two bowls instead of four, and the green isn't flat, but has a big hump in the middle, which makes it a bit f*****g tricky I can tell you.
However, you don't have to play doms in the pub afterwards for the perfect evening - you can play a few hands of cribbage instead. What do you want do do - 5's and 3's 10p a point or 10p a point on the win for the board?
goff, Jan 16 2002

       When I lived in Beverly Hills, one of lifes simpler pleasures was seeing the dinosaurs clad completely in white wearing trousers up to their armpits while lawnbowling in their wondrous lawnbowling mecca right next to Century City.

Behold - AfroAssault has returned!
thumbwax, Jan 16 2002

       Rods: Throw heavy ball at white sticks. Lather, rinse repeat.   

       Out of interest (or boredom, one of the two), does anyone know why 3 strikes in a row is called a turkey?
CoolerKing, Jan 16 2002

       Teasing, po? Now, would I do that? <g> + <wide-eyed, innocent look>   

       I must disagree with you, I'm afraid, goff. The gentle game of lawn bowls is more my cup of tea, what with the quietude of mind involved. To become one with the bowl, to extend one's chi through it in a sweeping curve across the grass to the jack, to step forward, one knee lowering as if in some fluid Tai Chi movement of grace and poise, and release - it is a moment of zen-like unity of body and mind, heart and soul even. No. I shall leave the harder, faster and more ruthless crown green bowling, like this American Skittles game, to impetuous youth.
Guy Fox, Jan 16 2002

       there is nothing like that cracking sound of a hard bowl hitting all ten pins. crash - whoomp. YESSSSS!
po, Jan 16 2002

       don't you start bliss, I couldn't remember if they were called balls or bowls. now go away and let me work in peace
po, Jan 16 2002

       <pedantry> blackmail - all one word.</pedantry>   

       Was it po's birthday yesterday by any chance?
CoolerKing, Jan 16 2002


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