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Militant Fridge

Keeps fridges contents safe from others AND adds convenience
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This potential product would come as a ready equipped fridge or a upgrade kit to your present frigde. In either case the fridge is equiped with a sherman tank's tracks and turret. In normal operation the Militant fridge (MFridge) follows you around the house or garden thus the tracks enable good mobility in all terain over garden beds, through piles of washing etc. Only the owner is normally aloud access to MFrige's contents. You can guess what happens to those attempting unautherised access. There is ONLY ONE drawback with the idea...it would be battery powered and have to dock at night for charge therefore it will not folllow you to bed.
useless, Dec 03 2003


       What happens when your milk goes bad and tries to take over the world?   

       This is a bit too much like a Dalek to get my vote. Didn't Davros start out as some green mould on a neglected piece of Brie? I'm already too scared to reach into the back my fridge for fear of what might be growing there. I don't want to give them weapons of mass destruction as well.
lostdog, Dec 03 2003

       Weren't Sherman tanks diesel powered?
Letsbuildafort, Dec 03 2003

       How about nuclear power? And you could exchange the heat generated using an ammonium based refrigeration loop to cool the food. My beer fridge is well armoured already but we are now talking active rather than passive defence which sounds far more effective. Plus it would also follow me around with beer a benefit I would surely like. May have to reclassify it from a whitegood to an olivedrabgood but it sounds way cool.
Captain_Ignorant, Dec 03 2003

       It was the Daleks themselves that started out as green mould, while Davros was their human (or whatever they called him - human-looking anyway) creator. I suspect the greater danger would be from insurgent penguins, able to achieve their plans for revolution from the cool confines of a heavily armed fridge.
suctionpad, Dec 03 2003

       Danger Will Robinson! The Potato salad has gone rancid!
Bronzewing, Mar 31 2004


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