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Inflatable Fridge

Compact cold storage on the road
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--Problem: you rent an RV and plan to spend a week in the boonies, but where to store all of the stuff you need to keep cool? An RV fridge is TINY. Dry ice only lasts a few days. Dragging along a spare fridge is a pain: it's awkward, heavy and in the way once emptied. --Solution: inflatable fridge! It wouldn't have to be much more than the pump, the radiator and a 2-ply inflatable bag with a zipper for access. Chill the air gap between the inner and outer layer of the bag; if necessary make it a 3-layer bag for more cooling gradient. When not in use squoosh it up into something that fits into a drawstring bag and toss it in a corner.
Steamboat, Jul 31 2006

it's being baked... http://www.designbo...=9&item_pk=6128&p=1
[xandram, Jul 31 2006]


       Well the one in the picture is all well and good for people who eat nothing but cylinders and polygons - what about the rest of us?
fridge duck, Jul 31 2006

       --Ha! Being baked, eh? Whaddya know. Not quite what I had envisioned, but definitely in the ballpark. A spherical design would eliminate the door which, in the photo, doesn't seem to have any obvious means of sealing; velcro maybe? Can't wait to try one out..
Steamboat, Aug 01 2006


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