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Horizontal Fridge

Make it all eye-level
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This fridge/freezer combo is longer than it is tall, and is designed to sit at eye level like some built-in stoves, so that all of your food is roughly at the same level and minimal bending is required.

The double doors open conventionally, but take up a larger swing area.

Cabinets below / above or something.

RayfordSteele, Jun 17 2020


       Very clever, [Ray]! [+]   

       They say that one major issue with the garden variety fridge is that all the coolth falls out every time you open the door. Having a horizontal unit might allow some coolth to remain inside, perhaps within transparent inner doors to somewhat seal sections you aren't accessing.
whatrock, Jun 17 2020

       Grow downlights and drip hydroponics on the benches underneath,
wjt, Jun 18 2020


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