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Magnetic Fridge

Make the fridge the magnet
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Instead of having to constantly buy magnets for your fridge, why not make fridge the magnet? So you can attach bits of paper and whatnot with anything metal - paperclips, beer bottle-caps etc
shinobi, Nov 30 2004


       A handy place to store videotapes and floppy disks, too, if you're anachronistically inclined.
calum, Nov 30 2004

       And these wouldnt get damaged by the magnets already on most refrigerators?
shinobi, Nov 30 2004

       [shinobi], this option is rather obvious. With the sudden influx of fridge magnet related ideas, I also thought about posting an idea about an battery powered "insect" that could crawl around the door using magnets.
Fortunately for everyone, I with-held.
Ling, Dec 01 2004

       //And these wouldnt get damaged by the magnets already on most refrigerators?//
Quite possibly.
calum, Dec 01 2004

       ling, POST IT! That awesome, a fridge insect. I'd vote for that!
DesertFox, Dec 01 2004

       You're supposed to be coding!! Tut, tut.
Ling, Dec 01 2004


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