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Minimal Cellphone

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This phone will have no display, no keyboard, no SMS facility. It will be able to receive calls and will be able optionally dial out only ONE fixed, preprogrammed number.

This phone will be a small box, perhaps half the normal size cellphone, will have only a battery, and two buttons, one for receiving and one dialing out a fixed number.

I'm sure there will be situation where such phones will be useful. These phones, IMO will be almost disposable.

VJW, Mar 11 2011

Emergency Call Pendant http://www.aidcall....w-does-it-work.html
These are land-line based, but I'm sure a cellphone variant could be made too. [Wrongfellow, Mar 11 2011]

Smartlinq mobile phone http://www.silverph...g/product_info.html
There are a few of these types of solutions for the disabled and elderly [The_Saint, Mar 11 2011]

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       So, a two-way radio, then?
RayfordSteele, Mar 11 2011

       Yes, but using a cellular network.   

       Certainly eminently Bakeable.   

       Only one button is required, to provide Accept/Drop, Dial, and On/Off. Slot for a SIM, and micro-USB for charging and programming the number.
8th of 7, Mar 11 2011

       One button that dials numbers in the same way texting characters are selected would be useful. However that could require a screen.
rcarty, Mar 11 2011

       what if they dont pick up?
bob, Mar 12 2011


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