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Minimal Flip-Flops

Maximize the barefoot look and feel when you have to wear shoes.
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Customize the sole of the flip-flop to the individual's foot. The flip-flops would be custom molded to fit the bottom of each foot. Only the part of the foot that normally, when bare, actually touches the ground, would be covered. Therefore, they would be shaped like the familiar foot-print in the sand.

The molding conforms also to the spaces between your toes providing a grip to which the wearer becomes accustomed. There is no top strap. The foot is entirely bare on top.

Visual attributes of the bottom or top of the minimal flip-flop could be varied for fashion.

Mustardface, Jan 17 2005

foot prints http://www.myshoe.c...sp?ehome=&menu=1018
I take it you're thinking of the middle approach, while the right one is more what's actually happening. [jutta, Jan 17 2005]

The green pathway The_20green_20pathway
Why make your feet harder by wearing shoes when you can make the ground "softer" to walk on? [Pericles, Jan 18 2005]

"Down Unders":"The orginal topless sandals" http://www.down-unders.com/index.htm
Closely related [half, Jan 18 2005]

"Durabak™ acts like an elastic, non-skid, undercoating to truck beds, body tubs or fenderwells." http://www.nonslipc...m/anticorrosive.htm
"Easy to Apply - Brush, Roll, Spray" [half, Jan 18 2005]


       The areas of my bare foot that touch the ground are not connected, so you'd have to fudge that somewhat.
jutta, Jan 17 2005

       Can I wear them with my arch supports?
robinism, Jan 17 2005

       [Jutta] I agree. Cool that you found that picture.   

       [Robinism], as during barefoot and ordinary flat flip-flopping, your arches are on their own.
Mustardface, Jan 18 2005

       I assume we have simmilar points of view, [Mustardface] (see link), but I'm not sure what the purpose of this idea really is. Why would you like to make your feet look naked if you're not really barefeet? How does this flip-flop maximize the barefoot feeling?
Pericles, Jan 18 2005

       Cool, no more flip flop tan on the top part of my feet in the summer.
Machiavelli, Jan 18 2005

       Maximal version of the minimal flip-flop (link).
half, Jan 18 2005

       Wow, that link is pretty cool, [half]. I think I'll order myself a pair, just to feel what it's like. Truthfully, it looks a little weird wearing just soles with no top, but they're so inexpensive it's worth a try.
Machiavelli, Jan 18 2005

       (other link) for the Do-it-yourselfer.
half, Jan 18 2005

       Pretty neat, [half]. I'll definitely be getting some of those. Right, [Machiavelli], getting rid of the flip flop tan, I agree. [Pericles], I did see your barefoot highway. We're often required to wear shoes. In that case, these shoes maximize the barefoot feel. I apprecate [FarmerJohn]'s nifty linked idea.
Mustardface, Jan 19 2005

       //In that case, these shoes maximize the barefoot feel//   

       You still haven't explained how.
Pericles, Jan 19 2005

       [Pericles], with this idea, the foot is naked. Here's how: The foot is standing on the soles. The soles touch the foot only where the ground would touch the foot. There is nothing touching the foot anywhere else, except sole material molded to fit in the spaces between your toes. The tops of your toes are naked. You would feel barefoot (except for the feeling between your toes). You would look barefoot (except that you are standing on soles instead of on the ground itself). That's how the shoes would maximize the barefoot look and feel, considering that you must technically be wearing shoes.
Mustardface, Jan 20 2005


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