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Inverse Sandals

For an even tan
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If you wear sandals on a tropical vacation for three weeks, you end up with a uneven tanned stripy pattern on your feet.

Luckily, Inverse Sandals come in packs of four. Two are the physical complements of the other two, so you can alternate day by day and end up with evenly tanned feet.

phundug, May 22 2006

inverse/reverse Bikini http://www.bikiniat...om/Reuters2004.html
[po, May 26 2006]

Topless Sandals http://www.topless-sandal.com/
Stick-on foam pads to protect your tender feet [Freefall, May 26 2006]


       Cool thinking!
Galbinus_Caeli, May 22 2006

       Inverse sandals for an arctan?
m_Al_com, May 25 2006

       That was one high quality nerd joke. [m_Al_com]
leif980, May 25 2006

       Or wear strapless sandals, which do exist in the wild.
DrCurry, May 25 2006

       is a sandal with no straps not just a sole? How do you attach it to your feet?
webfishrune, May 25 2006

       Glue? Wouldn't have to change shoes for the entire holiday! Possibly longer.
harderthanjesus, May 25 2006

       They have a toe knob
energy guy, May 25 2006

       For some reason I thought the title of this was "inverse salads", which was weird, considering it being in the fashino section. Fashionable food... hmm... there's an idea.
EvilPickels, May 25 2006

       how about sandals that leave tan lines designed to make a picture or word? Like "Freak" for when the old beach bum is staring hard at your toes.
(mans)laughter, May 25 2006

       Next: the inverse Bikini.
ldischler, May 26 2006

       + but a tanned skin is a damaged skin.
po, May 26 2006

       //the inverse Bikini//
Sign over your cossy for a tan.
Ling, May 27 2006


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