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learning loafers
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Ordinary Teva-type sandals with fairly thick, hollow soles. Their soles are filled with sand, or perhaps very small and slightly sticky plastic beads, which contour to the wearer's foot to provide excellent arch support and a truly custom fit.
Fester, May 25 2003


       if one had flat feet then these sand-als would become flat support - that can't be right, surely?
po, May 25 2003

       Shoe manufacturers are notoriously arch-centric. Aside from the people who make flip-flops, most shoe manufacturers assume that the wearer has arches, which causes an uncomfortable bulge for people who don't.   

       I once dated someone with unusually-shaped feet. To say that they were grossly misshapen would be an overstatement, but let's say that narrow or wide sizes just didn't fit the bill for her. Okay, okay, she had flippers. Arch-less flippers with narrow heels and hobbit-toes.   

       Something like this could form-fit a narrow heel and sausage toes or just about any podiatric nightmare...
Fester, May 25 2003

       Sand beds. Fill an airbed with sand and listen to the soundtrack to Lawrence of Arabia.
skinflaps, May 26 2003

       Bean-bags for feet? Buy me a pair of those!   

joker_of_the_deck, May 26 2003

       'You gonna sleep with the fishes.'
k_sra, May 27 2003

       perhaps the sole would deform as often as it conformed to the wearers foot shape... perahps the thermal-setting plasic beads would be a better, more permanent solution, or perhaps that defeats the purpose (think custom-fit ski boots). As for a bead, all I can think of is how uncomfortable it is to go from normally sleeping on a mattress to sleeping on a beach...
Brakes, May 28 2003

       Walking with bare feet is one of the few charge-free sensorial experiences of this world.
Pericles, May 28 2003

       Teva Used to have a sandle i would sugget to friends with wide feet called the ALP sandel ,,,, many straps ,, verry adjustable ,, Teva bought out ALP ,, i had a pair of the lace up sandels ,,,, they KICKED ASS ,, i could stand in a door frame , put both hands on the door frame , then brace my feet , and stand there for hours ,, totaly freaked out folks in my platoon
zippyt, May 29 2003

skinflaps, May 29 2003

       //and stand there for hours ,, totaly freaked out folks in my platoon//   

       That you could stand there for hours, or that you would stand there for hours?
FloridaManatee, May 30 2003

       .... .. .. .... .. . . . ..
thumbwax, May 30 2003


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