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Minimal leakage fridge.

for energy conscious people.
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This fridge opens from top and not from front. It has all the regular compartments. But height is only till waist; width and length, longer. ( similar to ones in icescream shops.)

Idea is that cold air can not escape from top since it is heavier. Useful in houses where fridge gets opened frequently.

VJW, Jun 20 2011


       There are people who've made chest freeezers into fridges, on the same principle.   

       These people presumably have bigger kitchens than most of us.
gisho, Jun 20 2011

       In theory it should not even need a door at the top.
VJW, Jun 20 2011

       Issa good idea, and why storage freezers are often like that. But it means that your door will be twice as big as that on a regular fridge because you can't stack stuff for constant use. Anyways most of the coolth is in the food, not the air.
FlyingToaster, Jun 20 2011


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