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squeaking refrigerator

lets you know when the door is open better than the light
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Most, if not all, refridgerators, have a light that goes on when the door is open. It sort of lets you know if the door is slightly ajar, leaking all the cold air out. However, it doesn't work very well, especially during the day.

I've come home numerous times to find the food and liquids slightly cool because the door was somewhat open.

I propose a small squeaking noise that the refridgerator makes when the door is open. Not something that would be annoying, but enough to let you know that the door is open. That way, you can deal with it when you are actually getting food out, and then when you turn away, you still notice the squeaking. You then know to shut the door completely.

lawpoop, Aug 29 2006

Fridge Pig http://www3.jetro.g...8000/1008525_e.html
oinks when the door is open -- so baked, but not for the same reason as posted. [willard_b_trophy, Mar 27 2007]


       You could keep mice in there. They don't squeak if it gets really cold.
ldischler, Aug 29 2006

       "Your door is a jar. Your door has a jar. Your door is full of jars. Your door is freaking overflowing with jars. The jars are preventing your door from shutting. You really are a slob and your door is a jar."   

       "Did the fridge just say something?"   

       "Something about your door being open, I think."
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Aug 29 2006

       [NTSS], you beat me to it.
Zimmy, Aug 29 2006

       squeaks and fidgets?
po, Aug 29 2006

       //a small squeaking noise//, //not annoying//, see that looses my bun right there. This should be a long drawn Vincent Price style horror movie sqeak with a capitol squ!
zeno, Aug 29 2006

       [lawpoop] Your fridge is not level. The front feet should be adjustable, crank them a bit longer, and your problem should go away.
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 29 2006

       Galbinus --   

       I don't think you really 'get' the halfbakery.   

       Also, if some item jutting out is stopping the door from closing all the way, this squeaking would help.
lawpoop, Aug 29 2006

       sp: refrigerator
Ling, Aug 29 2006

       It is, Ling, it is.
[admin: idea renamed 'squeaking refidgerator' -> 'squeaking refrigerator']
st3f, Aug 29 2006

       thanks, [threef], future users would wonder about my fidget remark.
po, Aug 29 2006

       I already was... [wonders why crossword is not proceeding as well as expected.]
st3f, Aug 30 2006

       I adore the thought of a kitchen appliance or any gadget actually that fidgets when it needs attention.   

       try Sudoku, Sthreef.
po, Aug 30 2006

       [philsh] I didn't mean to insult Galbinus, but I always thought that the half-bakery leaned towards Rube Goldberg-type solutions. His answer to my refridgerator door sounds rather baked, I'm afraid.   

       And the 10 seconds is a good idea.
lawpoop, Aug 31 2006

       With the ten-second delay, the squeaking and whining would also remind me to stop staring absently at the food and just choose something and close the door.
wiml, Sep 01 2006

       Thanks, Phlish.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 03 2006


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