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Revolving Door Fridge

So you can have all your works of art on it at the same time
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Son (3 yrs) hands me a veritable work of art last night. He had colored Peter Pan and Tinkerbell and tried to stay in the lines, which is unusual for him. I wanted to put it on the fridge, but I ran out of room. Why can't there be doors on the refrigerator that have revolving surfaces so I can stick more then one child's art work, good grades, reminder notes, etc. on there? Sure it would have to be at least twice as thick if not more, but still, I gotta make all 'dem chillins' happy!

PS. XsX, your scratchpad idea, to rise the ire of other bakers, would have been wonderful while writing this.

barnzenen, Sep 09 2002



       Have you tried getting them to draw on post-it notes? Or just giving them very fine-nibbed pens? That'll slow em up while they go at the sky with a Rotring .14
General Washington, Sep 09 2002

       I'm gonna have to agree with [steve] above about the title, i pictured it differently. as to the artwork... hasnt anyone ever heard of boards? or what abt the walls of ur kids room?
joker_of_the_deck, Sep 10 2002

       Just buy a white board marker and let him draw straight onto the fridge.
Gulherme, Sep 10 2002

       Buy steel panels to stick onto all your kitchen cupboards. Or just buy lots of old fridge doors - Doors from old, broken fridges must be cheap, right? And you can put them all over the house.
hippo, Sep 10 2002

       [hippo] that is genius. Especially if the fridge doors are those oldfasioned curvy ones with the chrome latch handles. I dare say a room with fridge doors hung on the walls by the right person (will Mr D. Hirst please stand up) could be sold for much cash.
Zircon, Sep 10 2002

       If you got a fridge with an LCD panel built into the outside of the door, you could have a screensaver that rolls round your "art" collection .....
8th of 7, Sep 10 2002

       Zircon, there have been a number of charity fundraisers with fridges painted by famous artists or celebrities being auctioned.
pfperry, Sep 10 2002

       aHA! See? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to start writing an idea in the Halfbakery and save it for finishing later, before it's published? Thanks, [barnzenen]. I still wish it was possible...   

       As for your flipping fridge door surfaces: rather than take up more space and risk ruining any of those precious works of art with flipping, or even risking not seeing some of the artwork some of the time, I suggest posting magnetic chalkboards or corkboards to walls near the fridge. They'll take up less room and can display everything fairly without risk of destruction.
XSarenkaX, Sep 11 2002

       Yeah, I was in the middle of 5 different things (one of which was runnning up and down a couple of flights of stairs) and was late for an appointment with the grandparents-in-law.
barnzenen, Sep 11 2002


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