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Monodoor Fridge

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Used to be a 'fridge had one door which you opened to rifle around for beer or lunchmeat, then you'd open an internal freezer door to look for ice cubes. For some reason this changed to the standard door-for-each-compartment design.

So, change it back.

The Monodoor Fridge has one (1) external door, which holds all the insulation and hermetic sealing, sporting an upper and lower handle, and two (2) inner doors which are vaguely airtight, carry the regular thin shelves, etc. and have no handles.

Pull the upper handle on the outer door and it and <drumroll> the inner upper door opens, exposing the freezer. You can probably guess what happens if the lower handle is pulled, instead.

Long story short, there's less coolth loss all-round since there's only the one thermal door's seal perimeter.

FlyingToaster, May 13 2018


stupop, Oct 08 2020

       // monodoor fridge
// 3 doors

       Maybe when the fridge is opened the shelf containing the desired food item can launch itself forward a foot or two, using a robotic gantry mechanism built into each shelf. Try not to stand directly in front of the door when opening.
sninctown, Oct 08 2020


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