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Refrigerator Door Platform

For those late night snacks
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I propose a small platform that would operate similar to a folding desktop that comes out of the armrest on an airplane or desk. The platform would be set into the top of the refrigerator door on a conventional over under type unit or out of the side of the door on a side by side.

This would allow you to open with one hand and use to place a glass or plate upon while filling with drink or assembling a sandwich thus saving you from having to trek back to the table in the kitchen to make your late night snack.

Also handy when digging through the freezer for the bag of peas in the back, giving you someplace to put that bag of fries that wont stay put.

jhomrighaus, Aug 02 2007


       Need it.   

       Make it adaptable to fit different fridges.   

       I think that if you made it able to clip into an egg tray it would be fairly universal. I thought this idea was going to be something to stand on so your feet don't get cold. A bun for your shelf [+]
marklar, Aug 02 2007

       "Will you close that refrigerator door! Do you think I am made of money or something?" (Can you tell I am a dad?)
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 02 2007

       the shelf is on the outside of a swinging refrigerator door? messy.
k_sra, Aug 02 2007

       Its really not meant for long term storage, just temporary support(for all those things we balance on the edge of the door like for example when you have to open the mustard container or unwrap a slice of cheese)
jhomrighaus, Aug 02 2007


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