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Sinking Theater Floors

More leg room at the push of a button
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Been to a Broadway musical lately? Man, those buildings are cramming more and more seats into the theaters, resulting in people having to sit in practically fetal positions while watching the show.

My friend was cramped and she's only 5'8". At six feet you can imagine how uncomfortable it is to sit in that low seat, knees pointing upward, with only about nine inches of clearance between me and the seat in front of me.

Here's where Sinking Theater Floors can help. Simply press a button on the back of the seat in front of you, and the carpet directly in front of your chair will recess 2 feet into the floor. Then you have plenty of room for your legs to dangle.

And no loss of seating for the theater need occur.

(This button pressing thing will only be available after everyone is seated and the show has begun. During intermission, all the floors automatically rise back to seat level.)

phundug, Jun 15 2005


       You're assuming i) that the floors are at least 2 feet thick, and ii) that they'll maintain their structural integrity with holes cut in them.
angel, Jun 15 2005

       In the beginning of my opus, the stage shakes, tilts and the floor beneath the audience falls away.
mensmaximus, Jun 15 2005

       [angel], I think they will, because really the theater is just a big staircase. The iron framework of the staircase doesn't have to be disturbed.
phundug, Jun 15 2005

       Sounds like a good plan to me. More foot room is always better.
hobbitcoat, Jun 15 2005

       Not worth the price of admission , to be rather punny! Wouldn't this mean theatre companies would have to cut two feet of floor out ? When the floor is in it's normal position, would it be able to hold a persons' weight?
Night, Jun 16 2005

       Instead of cutting all the floors, I reckon it would be better to raise all the seats and provide a spring-loaded footrest for the short people that don't like to dangle.
oldchina, Jun 17 2005

       [oldchina] has stumbled upon a good point. Individually lowering floors is dangerous if someone tries to walk to the aisle. You would have to start //cutting all the floors//.
daseva, Jun 17 2005


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