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seat assignments

assigned seating at popular movies
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When a popular movie is showing at a multiplex, seats (and in some cases, the movie theaters, if a movie is shown in more than one theater) should be assigned to the people who buy the tickets. The tickets would indicate where and when a movie is to be shown and could be purchased via a location outside the multiplex (such as Ticketmaster) or even through the internet.

When the time comes to show the movie in question, then the people responsible for showing the movie would announce what sections of the theater would be ready for seating and people with tickets for those seats could take their seats. People with tickets for seats in other parts of the theater or other theaters where that movie is showing would be allowed to take their seats after the first group of ticket holders have taken their seats. This would cut down on the chaos that I have seen at many a multiplex. Perhaps it is done at many multiplexes already but I have yet to hear about such a system being introduced in my community.

JoeBader1, Aug 18 2001


       I bet this would lead to first and second (and maybe third) class seating areas. Which may or may not be a good thing for the audience, but would be enough of a good thing for the theater that it would finance the reservation system.
beauxeault, Aug 18 2001


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