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Paper football shirts

It comes off when you're in the box
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Eliminate shirt-tugging in football (soccer) by introducing the paper shirt. Any attempt at tugging would tear the shirt leaving the perpetrator with a handful of incriminating evidence.
DenholmRicshaw, Jun 19 2002

Baked (by the look of it ;) http://ccwf.cc.utex...n/pics/football.jpg
I think these guys were trying them out... [DrCurry, Jun 19 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       It also comes off in the rain, when you get a sweat on, when you make a tackle etc. We've had this idea before but it seems to have been deleted.
DrBob, Jun 19 2002

       Or you could paint on the 'shirts'.
FarmerJohn, Jun 19 2002

       It's better to make elastic body-hugging shirts that are also a bit slippery to get a grip on.
joarvat, Jun 19 2002

       And here I thought the point would be so that the players don't strain themselves after scoring a goal. That's what comes from living on the opposite side of the globe from the World Cup, and only catching the highlights.
bookworm, Jun 19 2002

       It should benefit the number of spectators at women soccer. ... the number of spectators will boost when it rains.
breuk1, May 01 2003

       it certainly would make it easier to detect shirt tuggers but you also have the fact that everytime a shirt comes off the game has to stop to allow the player to replace his shirt which would waste more time than looking at the situation
dan23, Feb 25 2004


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