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Mobile Stationery

Want to annoy trainee work colleagues? Give them the nervous pencil...
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When a new work colleague joins your team, give them a new set of writing utensils and paper pads, telling them that it is imperative that they use this. When they reach for any of these items, for instance, the pencil, its tiny, tiny sensors will detect movement near it, and its tiny, tiny wheels will take away from its owner in any random direction, quicker than you could say "Yoink". They'll get the hang of this eventually, but it will take at least half an hour before they destroy the wheels...
iain, Sep 26 2002

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       Business:Training? Trying to teach them the futility of it all?
phoenix, Sep 26 2002

       ok, maybe i confined my idea too much by just making it wheels, the magnet idea i like, but as for the mexican jumping pencil, what's all that about?
iain, Oct 02 2002


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