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Mobius Bacon Rack

A device for preparing perfect mobius strips made of bacon.
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I would like to have a small scaffold upon which one could drape a slice of bacon and cook it, resulting in a perfect mobius strip in three dimensions (a flat "figure eight with a twist" could easily be done without any help). Aside from the appealing notion of endless bacon, it would be fun to eat. In fact, even a simple ring of bacon would be charming.

Probably best to make it out of plastic for use in the microwave, but a metal version for the regular oven would be acceptable.

Maestro, Dec 23 2010

Escher's Ketchup Escher_27s_20Ketchup
The ideal garnish. [8th of 7, Dec 23 2010]


       You could always try and breed Möbius pigs.
xenzag, Dec 23 2010

       joining the ends is the major problem - edible glue?
po, Dec 23 2010

       No need to glue the ends if you cut it complete from the side of bacon!
pocmloc, Dec 23 2010

       demo please [poc]
po, Dec 23 2010

       OK, [po], watch:

Easy, huh?
pocmloc, Dec 23 2010

       // eat the rack //   

       Make it of toast.   


       Shamelessly elf promoting <link>
8th of 7, Dec 23 2010

       Funny, we were in this same vein last night. My sweetheart bought one of those spiral cut hams, and I was telling her that I thought it was cruel how they made them walk in circles or raised them in centrifuges.
normzone, Dec 23 2010


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