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Mock feet cleaning

or, how to get all that crap (metaphorically speaking) off the floor
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Whilst walking from the shower room barefoot I noticed, for the nth time, just how incredibly successful slightly damp feet are in getting rubbish to stick to them.

Und zo, a cleaner made up of two, or more that two, mock feet covered with a surface like skin, with a water tank to keep them moist. The device wanders around and all the crap sticks to the feet, where it is strigil-ed off into a hopper. No pun intended.

coming soon a mock white shirt to catch all the tomato sauce etc

not_morrison_rm, Jan 23 2012

Like this? http://www.google.c...eT6n-Ge2UiQfvzIXWDQ
Only bigger and for floors... [neutrinos_shadow, Jan 24 2012]


       I like it
pashute, Mar 30 2021

       Und me too.
doctorremulac3, Mar 30 2021

       I read somewhere that the Habsburg monarchs used to wash the feet of some carefully screened poor people each Maundy Thursday.   

       Mandy Thursday is tomorrow.   

       Perhaps this idea represents the mechanization of one more old- world artisanal trade.
pertinax, Mar 31 2021


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