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Monowheel Racer

A racing simulator for lesser known means of transportation
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The game is a mouse-guided monowheel racing sim. The higher the mouse is on the screen, the faster the engine goes. The lower the mouse is, the slower the engine goes. Left and right for balance. This would be unique in that the player would have to actively balance his/her virtual monowheel until reaching a certain velocity and would face the danger of gerbilling*.

Racing monowheels will be customizable, and courses range from city streets to motocross tracks. The game could also include dicycles, but the 'balancing' of a monowheel would be replaced by active steering.

*if you don't know what this term means and wish to look it up on Google, please include the word 'monowheel' in your search as the word has two meanings.

jellydoughnut, Aug 20 2006

A monowheel http://www.electric...ages3/monowheel.jpg
technically the same as a unicycle, though substantially more awesome [jellydoughnut, Aug 20 2006]

Dicycle (diwheel) http://www.tda3.com...apspics/dicycle.jpg
[jellydoughnut, Aug 20 2006]

A common use for the dicycle http://www.starwars...id/img/movie_bg.jpg
[jellydoughnut, Aug 20 2006]

Schematics http://www.enchante...ggifs/Gerbil_bw.GIF
[jellydoughnut, Aug 20 2006]

Like this but with fewer wheels http://www.futurega...urnout/burnout1.jpg
[jellydoughnut, Aug 20 2006]


       +, I didn't know * was now a verb in "that" sense. Does this count as one of my 7 laughs? ([jd], feel free to delete this)
Zimmy, Aug 20 2006

       La la la la! I don't even want to think of the other meaning of Gerbiling. The thought just makes my bowels squirm.   

       But hey, seems like a good idea for a game.
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 20 2006

       BowelSquirm: The Game.
Texticle, Aug 20 2006


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