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A device that scans and keeps a log of brainwave function.
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as an aid to your overpriced shrink, this device could be placed inside a necklace, or inside a hat. it would work by recording all changes in brainwave activity [associated with mood], and could connect via usb to any pc/mac -- and give averages, advice, and graphic readouts for your mental environment each day. a mood ring for the 21st century!
phylum_sinter, Apr 05 2002

BlueEyes Emotion Mouse http://www.almaden....blueeyes/mouse.html
"By simply touching the mouse, the computer will be able to determine a person's emotional state." Part of IBM's Almaden Research into computers that know how you 'feel.' [bristolz, Apr 06 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

BlueEyes: Creating computers that know how you feel http://www.almaden....blueeyes/index.html
"BlueEyes uses non-obtrusive sensing technology, such as video cameras and microphones . . . These cues are analyzed to determine the user's physical, emotional, or informational state, which in turn can be used to help make the user more productive . . ." [bristolz, Apr 06 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       EEG? Mind you, you're going to be grumpy in any case since you can't get more than a few feet away from the P.C..
phoenix, Apr 05 2002

       This sounds like IBM's emotional mouse that is indended to capture your emotional state. Products have also been sold that allow you to play games using bio-feedback to teach people to relax.
Aristotle, Apr 05 2002

       "IBM's emotional mouse"?   

       <Later> Thanks, bristolz...
StarChaser, Apr 06 2002

       I never really got mood rings. You don't know what mood you're in? You have to consult your jewelry?
mrthingy, Apr 06 2002

       okay... interesting, I really don't want to be negative because that doesn't support constructive idea generation but see if you can find an alternative for brainwaves. Brainwaves can be analyzed to determine fatigue, activeness and meditation states but emotions like love and anger don't have specific frequency paterns. For example, you can be happy while you are very sleepy but also angry in the same brain-state. Skin resistance is interesting for nervosity and muscle tension for stress!
Willem, Mar 07 2007


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