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Mood Tshirt

BioFeedback Display on shirt
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This must have been entered before but I cant find it. So this is a ociliscope-type readout measureing something like galvanic skin response - something that changes directly according to ones level of emotion, nervousness, sweat response, brain waves. And the readout is displayed on a tshirt. So people can tell when your are lying or embarrassed or arroused, so it is no secret anymore so why hang on to it? Or at least learn to control it.
JesusHChrist, May 13 2008

Teequalizer T-shirt http://teequalizer.com/
Bargraph displays audio, could be modified for GSR, pulse, etc. [csea, May 13 2008]

Halfbakery help file http://www.halfbake...ial/help.html#magic
Measuring a person's "mood" by their galvanic skin response is the last of the listed obviously magic things. [jutta, May 13 2008]

results http://www.smbc-com...omics&id=1271#comic
[Voice, Sep 01 2008]


       how are you gonna put a 'scope display on a t-shirt ?
FlyingToaster, May 13 2008

       Global HyperColour
hippo, May 13 2008

       Is that your mood t-shrit auxiliary battery in your pocket?
zeno, May 13 2008

       Should be doable as a bargraph, like the T-qualizer [link]. The one I have has only 4 states, but looks cool.
csea, May 13 2008

       People who use what I call "the Shaggy defense" would be totally screwed. But not like they're not gonna use it anyway.   

       [baby...it wasn't me!]
WhereYouAt, Jul 22 2008

       I like it! People who have nothing to hide wear them freely; con artists add a 'override' mode for tough questions.   

       Sort of like a piece of jewelry that turns color if you have a STD.
Bcrosby, Jul 23 2008


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