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Mood Twister

Twister mat changes colors according to mood
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Players not only challenge their physical dexterity as they do in regular Twister but additionally must keep emotionally adroit as having an appendage in contact with a particular color now also means modulating your temperament in such a way as to keep that color from changing or, conversely, to get a more easily accessible hue to change to that which is desired. Mood Twister instructions come with an appendix on ancient methods of Yogi body-temperature control concatenated onto the back of the normal Twister instructions. Products to be released in the coming months:

Mood Rubik's Cube

Mood Simon Memory Game

Mood Home Pregnancy Test (Getting upset will change the stain color to "negative" and getting happy will change it to "positive"; becoming absolutely dismal at the advent of positive results will abort your baby, and becoming sufficiently overjoyed at negative results will cause you to have an unfertilized birth)

Babyhead, Jun 15 2004

Online Mood Ring http://www.ajcockre...ckrell/moodring.htm
"Black is the color of anxiety and irritation" [half, Oct 04 2004]


       There was a computer game I heard about once, made by a yoga master or something like that. It came with sensors you attached to your body, and the game consisted of puzzles that were partially solved by the state of your body.
5th Earth, Jun 16 2004

       Right hand anxious.
half, Jun 16 2004

       Left brain - not surprised.
po, Jun 16 2004

       Whole mind - gutter.   

       I like it.
shapu, Jun 16 2004


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