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Moral Support Counsellor

A Voice in the Wilderness no longer!
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Analysts seem to be fairly popular these days, judging by the amount of media attention they get. But why? Who really wants all their neuroses (no comments about spelling please) exposed? Why should I care whether all my problems are caused by a childhood accident with a fish slice? What I want is somebody to be unconditionally on my side. What I want to hear is "Yes you're quite right. Everyone in the Halfbakery is being entirely unreasonable about your great idea for inflatable eyebrows." If everyone had their own Moral Support Counsellor the world would be a lot happier place. Except for the bloke who thought up the Sleeveless Vest idea of course.
DrBob, Jul 18 2000


       I'd just like to thank all those who have supported me over the years and helped make me the man I am today. And to those who voted against me I'd just like to say..."Pooh to you with knobs on!".
DrBob, Jul 20 2000

       I think everyone needs their own fluffer. Fluffer girls give you a kind of moral support. :-)
Also: I recommend getting a dog. If you treat them nice, they're unconditionally always on your side. Lovely animals dogs.
mar, Jul 20 2000

       Jeez, I've been doing this to my friends for as long as I can remember, so now you reckon I might get paid for it. Excellent. What's my pricing policy and do I have to pay you or something??
leggless, Aug 07 2000

       You can do the pricing several ways. You can either do it like a shrink normally would on a per session basis or you can just be paid a retainer and I can contact you at any time or, my favourite (based on degroof's guy with the top hat), on a per appearance basis. This last one would involve sharing your diary with the counsellor, who would then don a number of convincing disguises and pop up unexpectedly several times during the week to offer seemingly unsolicited support when ever you express an idea or opinion.
DrBob, Aug 07 2000

       'DrBob' - are you a Muslim, working for the moral crusaders in Afghanistan? Or a minister, fighting the baddies who are against the 'Real Irish'? Maybe you are with the Vietnam's or China's or Cuba's communist parties, and you need more moral support in your fight against capitalism.   

       When I used to have modern 'value-free' advocacy or counselling, I'd agree with you. But depending on how politicaly blind you are, there is NOTHING that can ever be 'value-free', despite all the crazy theorists everywhere. Sorry (not really) I upset the 'value-free' brainstorming. :-)
gz, Apr 23 2001

       None of the above, gz. I'm just very, very insecure. Is that OK with everyone?
DrBob, Apr 24 2001

       Dr. Bob, this was a brilliant idea, albeit previously baked. You are on the right track with this concept - consider researching the new and lucrative field of personal and professional life coaching.   

       Life Coaches help people who want to grow, and who want to maximize their present and their plans for their future. Analysts deal more with the pain of the past. Coaches are great sounding boards and encouragers. People use coaches to help bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be.   

       As a personal life coach myself, I arrange to "meet" clients by phone for 3 scheduled hours per month. A client may call between sessions for 5 - 10 minute "spot calls" and unlimited emails if client can't wait to share a success or if he or she needs extra support. And to answer leggless' question, most coaches charge @$300 per month. Some charge as much as $650 per month for 3 sessions.   

       these are some of the questions I ask a beginning client:   

       1) If I could design my perfect life from scratch I would have more.... 2) If I could design my perfect life from scratch I would have less... 3) The ten things I am most grateful for are... 4) The ten things I am most fearful of are... 5) The ten things that make me feel truly happy and alive are... 6) The ten things that drain my energy most are... 7) What accomplishments must, in your opinion, occur during your lifetime, so that you will consider your life to have been satisfying and well lived - a life of few or no regrets?   

       check out: http://christiancoachesnetwork.com/ or http://lifecoachtraining.com
cdcm, Aug 24 2003

       But inflatable eyebrows _are_ a great idea! In the rain, you can expand them so that the water doesn't run into your eyes; on sunny days (or while receiving a "standard lamp" interrogation), they could provide much-needed eyeshade; when attending a fancy-dress party, they can make you look like a caveman; the possibilities are endless.   

       [Steve DeGroof] They also did something similar in "Scrubs" recently, but with a burly tenor singing it. (Presumably, they stole the idea from your guy.)
friendlyfire, Aug 24 2003


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