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planned-crisis motivation

let them think they saved the day
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Mary is an excellent employee. Too good. She has everything totally under control, and in fact, has become indespensable. Bob's Widgets cannot afford to promote her, and she is demotivated by the lack of a challange. This team of psychological experts will create a profile of her abilities and tailor a crisis just for her! A week of pure terror, wherein the whole company would collapse (as far as she knows) without her intervention. A 110 hour work-week that is guarenteed to send her on vacation for a month, to return motivated and ready to face the grind with a new outlook.
Voice, Aug 17 2006


       Can't you just give her an extra week's vacation as a bonus?
DrCurry, Aug 17 2006

       ...and give her some spending cash instead of paying the experts.
methinksnot, Aug 17 2006

       The best employees are motivated by challenge, not money and vacation.
Voice, Mar 11 2007


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