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Don't have interesting friends? Want some?
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Ever find yourself wanting to have an intellectual conversation but don't have any friends interested in the topic? Perhaps it's a new technology development, something you read about online, or a piece of current political news...

Never fear!

Dial our pay-by-the-minute number and you will be able to select from various professional conversationalists (PCs) to chat away the hours (and your savings).

We staff only the best PCs who are experienced and well-read in virtually any area you may wish to discuss. From physics to fighting styles, from Socrates to sex tips, from democracy to demon worship we have you covered. Try us today!

victor, Mar 20 2006


victor, Mar 20 2006

       This is probly baked in Japan. Do they have telephone Geishas?
phundug, Mar 20 2006

       I quite like this. [+] pending [DrCurry]'s announcement of bakedness.
hidden truths, Mar 20 2006

       I dunno. If you stop at the sex tips, this is pretty well covered by conventional chat lines. The rest of it, I think you have to go to specialized news groups to find.
DrCurry, Mar 20 2006

       Thanks for the feedback.
victor, Apr 21 2006


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