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Ever look at the obits and death notices in the local paper when a local gangster or drug dealer dies, there are hundreds of them all claiming the deceased was a fine upstanding fella. As being openly honest about their character flaws may leave you in a vulnerable position, this service will anonymously write a death notice or obituary giving a more balanced picture of the recently departed. Can also be used for annoying in laws.
daisydoo, Sep 01 2008


       "Speaker for the Dead"
lurch, Sep 01 2008

       I think I will need to consult the Email Ghostwriter for that.
daisydoo, Sep 01 2008

       What Lurch said.
Voice, Sep 02 2008

       If it's a female, you could write her an "Ohbitchuary"   

       bun from me, for personal reasons. [+]
r_kreher, Sep 02 2008


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