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National Grid requests

The right music for the right time
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By simply standing next to a pylon, and sending a pay-money text to whoever it is running the National Grid this week, you can get the tune of your choice.

The power being transmitted in your area would be faffed about with* at their end, which modulates the hum generated. In this way the cables play the tune you have just requested**.

National Grid get more income for infrastructure, and you get to listen to "I will always love you" at appropriate moments, if you really must.

* please forgive the abtruse technical expression.

** while simultaneously wreaking havoc on local business and medical equipment. But, there's always a nay-sayer isn't there? Bloody luddites.

not_morrison_rm, Jun 02 2013

Phase II http://www.youtube....watch?v=qEG-1iYpgKU
...over time, and tesla coils on each pylon [not_morrison_rm, Jun 02 2013]


       Well, it was either this or remake of the Blues Brothers, with the IBM blue guys being sarcastic, in a walk-on role as two acidic diamond merchants, and small cameo by Nostradamus, the man with a git of prophecy.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 02 2013


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