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More Family Vinyl Decals

Expand the family!
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Occasionally one sees an SUV in which the rear window is decorated with vinyl decals depicting the family owning the car. Sometimes there are pets. I am impressed that these decorations are uniformly in earnest. I would like to be able to add additional stickers to parked cars, expanding their families to include new members.

One could be Jesus. I think that some of the in earnest folks might buy a Jesus sticker in earnest, but maybe put him in the middle instead of on the side after the cat where he would have to go as a late addition in the parking lot. Other less sincere additions might be a leering old pirate, an other woman in tight shorts, a suave poolboy with tight shorts, a puffed up pufferfish, Buddha, the knight from Holy Grail with no arms and no legs, and so on.

bungston, May 12 2008

Stick on Feet for Jesus Fish stick_20on_20feet
Similar sentiment - graffiti addon stickers. [bungston, May 12 2008]

Family stickers http://www.customla...s-stickfamily.shtml
Maybe some you foreigners never seen em. Now yer gunna want em! [bungston, May 12 2008]

jesus fish alternatives http://images.googl...42,DVXA:en%26sa%3DN
I got the sushi one on my car [jaksplat, May 13 2008]

Sheldon - Glornak the Destroyer window decal http://www.sheldonc...archive/070923.html
To buy one, go to the store and scroll halfway down. [baconbrain, May 13 2008]

Purple Ronnie? http://www.amazon.c...Sutra/dp/0752272705
Purple Ronnie's Little Kama Sutra - (Caution: For those of you offended by low-resolution breasts and doll nudity, this contains an image of intertwined stick figures) [normzone, May 13 2008]

Kingdom of Loathing - Sword and Martini Guy http://store.asymmetric.net/
Five sevenths of the way down the page [normzone, May 13 2008]


       Ugh, I can't stand those things. Adding is a good idea, but I think it's time we started kidnapping vinyl children!   

       "Adorable stick family decals," Bah! Just as adorable as putting your name on your mailbox, and bad for all of the same reasons.
ye_river_xiv, May 12 2008

       What's more annoying are those "In Loving Memory" decals written in huge flowery fontwork. I think I'll have a clause about that in my will; I feel its almost disrespectful.
Spacecoyote, May 13 2008

       Never seen them, but I can imagine them, so [+]   

       Perhaps have smaller decals with comedy noses, glasses, moustaches, blood, knives, nazi uniforms, jewish rabbi hat 'n curls, Brady bunch / Waltons clothing and set, etc.
marklar, May 13 2008

       Why on earth would anyone want to stick stick-man pictures of their family onto the car? Do you write your name in the collar of your coat? Do you have each member of family's face emblazoned on the strings of their tennis raquets? Is this how you tell if the vibrator you found belongs to your wife or your daughter?   

       What happens when the worst happens, and a member of the family is lost? Do you peel off the whole sticker, or just scrape a gap in the smiling line of children that you see every time you look in the rear view mirror?   

       When selling your car, do you look for another family of four with two daughters 5'2" and 3'9", or is that a scraper job too?   

       I am glad that I am a foreigner.
theNakedApiarist, May 13 2008

       I have never seen them before, either, so thanks for the link. I think they look a lot like the *people* on the public restroom doors! Not at all like my Dad or anyone else in my family!
xandram, May 13 2008

       What is wrong with you people? This is a great idea. It's not the way I choose to express myself but hey! Why not? Especially now that most of the cars on the road now are extremely boring on their own. Thanks a lot foreigners! :)   

       What bothers me more is the huge "TOYOTA" or "FORD" sign on the back of my car which can't be easily removed.
bneal27, May 13 2008

       //What happens when the worst happens//   

       We're Americans. We can't fathom the worst happening. It's all part of our "can do" optimism. That's what you love about us, remember?
bneal27, May 13 2008

       IMO all of those pretty decals denote nothing more than an invitation for a predator to bother you.
Jscotty, May 13 2008

       //all of those pretty decals denote nothing more than an invitation for a predator to bother you//
Can cougars read?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 13 2008

       Perhaps you could simply add "Kill tally" in text above, to suggest Manfred von Richthofen-ness.
calum, May 13 2008

       //Can cougars read?//   

       All the older women that I date can read pretty well.   

       They can't see very well, or they wouldn't be dating me.   

       See the Sheldon link for a comic strip about family decals, and a chance to buy a decal with Glornak the Destroyer. The store suggests adding Glornak on to other stickers.
baconbrain, May 13 2008

       //IMO all of those pretty decals denote nothing more than an invitation for a predator to bother you.//   

       As I said, it's just as adorable as putting your name on your mailbox, and bad for all the same reasons.   

       The "predator" here is a two-legged varmint variety, but not a cougar woman.   

       "Oh, look, now we can have a stick person family showing dad in his wheelchair, mom, and our three sets of girl twins! I'm sure the registered sex offender who lives down the road will like that."   

       Perhaps, as a public service announncement, it would be wise to make up a few adorable nicknames, like "Jailbait" "Abduction waiting to happen" and "Kidnap me please!" to put on other people's cars.
ye_river_xiv, Apr 06 2009

       I have no idea what the idea is 'cause I have never seen the idea on a car before. However after reading the idea and laughing very hard I find the wording of the idea in and of itself hysterically funny thus making the idea worth it's weight in bread. +
blissmiss, Apr 06 2009

bungston, Apr 07 2009


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