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More capitalistic Christmas

Winter Gifting Day
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The greatest thing about Christmas is that it is a spectacular demonstration of capitalism. However, the holiday still has ancient religious overtones, not to mention the name...

I still have to come up with a better name, though.

VeXaR, Jul 26 2001

Winterval http://www.birmingh...575e66?OpenDocument
Birmingham CC's dodgy press release. [st3f, Jul 26 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

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       I generally refer to it as Commercialmas
Guy Fox, Jul 26 2001

       The so called "ancient religious overtones" is what makes Christmas real. Some people only develop a concious for Christmas. Charities actually get some money for once; poor people get some real food, warmth, and shelter; wars have paused. Also it is a day to celebrate the birth of the one who has had the most effect on World history (I am not going to start preaching but stop right there). Merry Christmas everyone!! Ok 5 months early but hey!
Monkeyboy2, Jul 26 2001

       I, too, have felt ambivalent about the Christmas season. Even though most of my working life has been spent in the retail industry, I empathize with those who feel the meaning of the season has been somewhat overshadowed by commercialization. I use the form Xmas to refer to gift-giving time, but deep down inside I think I would really feel more comfortable celebrating the arrival new year with gifts and such, making Christmas a time better spent reflecting upon the true meaning and being with family and friends.   

       Pass me a tissue, please. That sounds like a Hallmark moment.
Canuck, Jul 26 2001

       I always liked "Midwinter Feast".
Aristotle, Jul 26 2001

       "Winterval", the press claimed had been used by Birmingham (UK) city council as a religiously neutral term to describe the Christmas holiday. They denied it. (see link)
st3f, Jul 26 2001

       Winterlude (from a Bob Dylan song).
Dog Ed, Jul 26 2001

       canuck: you should live in greece, then, since that is exactly what happens. gifts are exchanged on 1 jan every year (st basil's day, which is what santa is called there), while christmas eve/day are reserved for church services and family gatherings.
mihali, Jul 26 2001

       No, the worst thing about Christmas is that it's a spectacular demonstration of capitalism.
landruc, Dec 16 2002


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