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The Brexit Hymn

Thanks to William Blake
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(To the tune of 'Jerusalem')

And did those turds, in recent times,
bleat about England's "EU dreams" ?
And was our vote to bugger off,
delayed by all their evil schemes ?

And did our Eurosceptic light,
Shine out against their puny wills ?
And was our Brexit ruined here,
Among their dark Satanic Bills ?

Bring me my votes for Brexit deals,
Bring me the backing I desire,
Bring me Rees-Mogg, and Johnson too,
Bring me scalps of all who conspire !

We will not cease from airborne strikes,
And keep our tac-nukes close at hand,
Till we have bombed all Brussels flat,
And all our planes can safely land ...

8th of 7, Mar 31 2019

Jerusalem https://www.youtube...watch?v=MKRHWT6xdEU
Beloved of the Wonen's Institute. [8th of 7, Mar 31 2019]

The Solid Doctor: Land of Dope and Tory https://www.youtube...watch?v=SLmTXmHGOvM
(Instrumental) [Dub, Mar 31 2019]


       This would be great if I knew the tune to Jerusalem.   

       Eh, bun for effort.
doctorremulac3, Mar 31 2019

       It's exactly the same as "Yankee Doodle Dandy" played backwards.
xenzag, Mar 31 2019

       Except that "Yankee Doodle Dandy" played backwards doesn't summon up demons.   

       // if I knew the tune to Jerusalem //   

8th of 7, Mar 31 2019

       The Brexit Hymen - well and truly fucked with no need to check.
xenzag, Mar 31 2019


       That link really works pretty well [8th] if you play it & read the words along to it superimposing them on the "song" (I use the word in the loosest sense of course) as you go.
Skewed, Apr 01 2019

       I'm not certain whether the author is following the First Rule Of Jerusalem Parodies, which is that, like the version of Jerusalem by Blake, the answers to all the questions it poses must be 'No'. Good effort though [+]
hippo, Apr 01 2019

       I rather suspect the reverse [hippo], but I could be wrong?
Skewed, Apr 01 2019

       The First Rule Of Jerusalem Parodies is of course "YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT JERUSALEM PARODIES"
8th of 7, Apr 01 2019

       I have this feeling your parliament will take a brexiternity to resolve their petty squabble.
UnaBubba, Apr 03 2019




       <Ponders wisdom of fracking in the Mines of Moria/>
8th of 7, Apr 03 2019

       Would this work to the tune of The Hokey Cokey?
Just wonderin'
Dub, Oct 04 2019

       You put your country in... you pull your country out... you put your country in... and you shake it all about...
RayfordSteele, Oct 04 2019


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