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MotorUnicycle Fencing

Because fencing is just not dangerous enough
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Exactly what it says in the title: Fencing while riding motorised unicycles.
Twizz, Apr 28 2010

motorized unicycle http://tinyurl.com/motorized-unicycle
add fencing foil. [swimswim, Apr 28 2010]


       Stupidly dangerous and impractical combination of edged weapons and internal combustion [+].
8th of 7, Apr 28 2010

       Motorized unicycles are great! I envision this as a multiplayer sport, played on a large interlaced geometric triskelion type thing (500 quatloos on the newcomer!) such that the unicycles stay in motion but must stay on their own color.   

       The players swipe at each other in passing when possible: foils, whipes, bludgeons etc.
bungston, Apr 28 2010

       Pogo sticks. Needs more pogo sticks. [+]
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 28 2010

       We wager 700 Quatloos on the girl !   

       // whipes //   

       You mean like moist towlettes ? That's a bit sissy, isn't it ? Mind you I guess it can sting a bit if you get some of the stuff from the lemony ones in your eye ...
8th of 7, Apr 28 2010

       No, these are the bleach whipes that have a baby behind a big red X on the can. It is a TKO if your fighting costume is bleached off or you become too blond during battle with the whiper.
bungston, Apr 28 2010

       Ninja bleach wipes ? We though Ninjas wore black ...   

       Also note, "You can never be too blonde, or too thin".
8th of 7, Apr 28 2010

       //We though Ninjas wore black //
Punc. "We, though Ninjas, wore black "
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 28 2010

       "We thought Ninjas wear black ... "
8th of 7, Apr 28 2010

       The last I heard the guy who invented the motorized unicycle was revising his design after breaking his collar bone and a I think a minor concussion.   

       Also should this be fencing or jousting.   

       Also is this for only left handed fencers or do you put the throttle on the left?
MisterQED, Apr 28 2010

       Similar punc. correction applies. "We", thought Ninjas, "wear black".   

       I though this would be pedestrian fencers, striking at each other with handheld motorunicycles.
pocmloc, Apr 29 2010

       As I understand, motorunicycles don't have a manual throttle control, but respond to the riders CofG position, like a segway.   

       There's no reason why the sport couldn't be extended to jousting, clubbing, or any other short range sporting weapon.   

       Events could be held with many combatants in a large bowl, with assorted obstacles dotted about.   

       Ninjas wear black, that's why a bleach wipe is such a dangerous weapon to a Ninja.
Twizz, Apr 29 2010

       Well, if we're all being pedantic, a fencing foil is not an edged weapon.   

       They should wear Chewbacca costumes and fight with hedge trimmers.
marklar, Apr 29 2010

       // if we're all being pedantic //   

       Not everyone is being pedantic; some are merely striving for precision.
8th of 7, Apr 29 2010

       Or, is it a reference to the sartorial style of a particular sect of hands-off stealth warriors, the 'thought ninjas'?
pocmloc, Apr 29 2010

       Are they the opposite of the Thought Police ?
8th of 7, Apr 29 2010

       The opposite of the Thought Police are the thoughtless police.
mouseposture, Apr 30 2010

       Twizz... dude... love the idea... [+].  Easy to define, difficult to master.  I've even bunned yer well-boned Life Pasty idea because one bun just wasn't enough on this idea.   

       If this idea was baked, it would be HUGE.
Mustardface, May 01 2010

       Chaos and suffering! [+]
awesomest, May 06 2010


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