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Coolish gymnastic bladed zorb fight
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A battle by two (or more) opponents, object, slash each other to deflation.

Players are dressed in a specialised human sized zorb that allows their sharp ice skates to protrude outside the zorb at will. The opponents can either skate, roll or bounce. The fighter is harnessed inside the zorb but their hands are free to be use retracting spikes on various points around the inside of the zorb. These spikes are used to grip the ice and gymnastically change direction and momentum. The exterior surface of the zorb has a very limited ice gripping capability, although it is easily replaced when battle worn.

The barriers around the ice rink contain powered lifting wedges, to gain bladed bounce and bumpers to increase rolling speed for that very sharp spin. Polycarbonate or laminated glass guards the crowd from any stray combatants while still giving an excellent view. An ice hockey rink might be apt.

First to reduce their contestant(s) to a blob of writhing immovable plastic wins!

wjt, Jan 19 2019




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