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stilt fencing

inspired by Mr Tindale’s battle with spiders)
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a new sport akin to fencing but engaging in battle using the wooden stilts strapped to the legs that the contestants are also walking on.
po, Oct 29 2006

http://100100inc.co....yellowpages/id-601 [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 29 2006]


       I think we all tried this as children - how would you score it?   

       Oh, and po, it's just possible this is Widely Baked, if you consider Belgium to be Wide, and you rename it "stilt jousting."
DrCurry, Oct 29 2006

       So hop-able stilts, with slashing blades on?
Dub, Oct 29 2006

       I envision this as a circus act. If there was a fighting stilt that was lighter and a heavy standing stilt that had a gyroscope it would make it easier. Not that true stilt fencers have any truck with "easier"; I mean for beginners and hobbyists.   

       The fighting stilt could have decals of fanged creatures, flames etc.
bungston, Apr 26 2010

       [+] Would work best with sabers, I think.
mouseposture, Apr 26 2010


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