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Night Fencing

All the action of fencing, with glow in the dark appeal!
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As if regular fencing wasn't exciting enough, we now bring you NIGHT FENCING!

Regular rules apply, only the arena is completely dark except for the baseboard lines which will glow (to make sure you stay in bounds) and the foil tip (or perhaps the entire foil, depending on style).

The lack of light would add an extra element of surprise, and and requires extra element of finess and agility accordingly.

An added feature could be that when the person gets a touch their jacket could light up in a spectacular display of fiber optics.

Becuase fencing is already electronic, adding these extra elements would be a snap.

generaltso, Feb 24 2007

Glowing Foils! http://akimports.ne...log%26catid%3D36080
We're halfway there... [generaltso, Feb 24 2007]


quantum_flux, Feb 24 2007

       Brings a whole new meaning to the term "suit of lights". They're not just for matadors anymore!   

       Good thing you suggested fiber optics. It means we're less likely to hear this conversation any time soon:   

       "Say, Dick. Is Yamaguchi doing victory dance out there?"   

       "No, Bob. It looks like sweat has shorted out his night-fencing LED outfit and he's being zapped in his groinal region."
Canuck, Feb 24 2007


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