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Mouse Flash Drive

Combination of USB mouse and flash drive
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Just add a few extra chips to a mouse, and you have a flash drive mouse combo.

Why? You need ask why? Well, all right.

-It saves a USB port by having one less thing to plug in.

-How about for the geektastic among us who already carry a mouse and flash drive with them everywhere? (like me)

-It could store things like what buttons do what, pointer speed/acceleration.

-If combined with a fingerprint reader [shudders], the pointer options would change automatically.

Aq_Bi, Dec 27 2004

Google hit #1 http://www.compusa....e=312139&pfp=BROWSE
searched on: Mouse Flash Drive [swamilad, Dec 27 2004]

Memory Optical Mini Mouse w/128MB Flash Memory. http://www.iogear.c...MB%20Flash%20Memory
Exactly what you explained. [BJS, May 31 2006]


       It would be nice if the cord was removable from the mouse-end. This might be useful in a public computing site, or the workplace. You can keep all your personal files and settings on your mouse, and never have to touch someone else's hand-filth.   

       Oh yeah. Someone's going to mention bluetooth sooner or later. Might want to head that one off.
tiromancer, Dec 27 2004

       I wouldn't reccoment bluetooth for anything that has a fingerprint reader on it. It has inherently weak encryption, and you wouldn't want someone stealing you print ID.   

       Wireless might pose problems in public areas. Unless each unit has a matched reciever, how would the computers know which mouse to use?
Aq_Bi, Dec 27 2004

       I don't know. I hate wireless mice. I just know it's going to be suggested.
tiromancer, Dec 27 2004

       Good grab, Swamilad . . . apparently, quite baked, [Aq_Bi].
contracts, Dec 27 2004

       Alright, so the flash is baked, but what about things like automatic pointer options?   

       This idea is becomeing quickly integrated with my robot mouse idea, so I may have to merge them. (can anyone tell me how I might do that?)
Aq_Bi, Dec 27 2004

       As a solution to the wireless mice problem in public settings with multiple machines: there is work in place for a technology I love involving dual wireless connections, one extremely short-distance (1 cm or less) and the other normal WiFi or some such. Swipe the mouse past a little synchro-spot on the computer and there you go!
ironfroggy, Dec 27 2004


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