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Mr. Boring's 7 Grain Muesli

A chocolatey candy-like cereal in the shapes of whole grains, fruits and nuts
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Want to keep your favorite cereal away from your kids? The design of the box and the cereal can be mistaken for something healthy even as you are pouring it into a bowl.
sartep, May 21 2003

fictional cereals http://www.lavasurf...real-fictional.html
[oatcake, Oct 05 2004]


       Now this is what I call health food! The kids never touch the rice cakes, either (cleverly formed cheesecake). Nor the bon-bons disguised as Brussels sprouts.
Amos Kito, May 21 2003

       Ha! +
snarfyguy, May 21 2003

       I want me a bowl of chocolate-frosted sugar bombs.
oatcake, May 22 2003

       By that time, then we expect to have Mr. Boring's Landscape Mulch the 90lb sack of trail mix your kids will leave alone.   

       Yes me too. ::tips hat to calvin and hobbes::
sartep, May 22 2003

       can I have mine with valium?
po, May 22 2003

       Yeah, it's by the Ritalin Frosted Flakes
thumbwax, May 22 2003

       (sound of excited opening of box) Damn. It really is oat bran.
Worldgineer, May 22 2003


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