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milk-filled cornflakes

no bowl or spoon required
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Unlike those dry "breakfast bars" that are currently on the market (aimed at people who have missed breakfast), milk-filled cereals are more like liqueur-filled chocolates - an expanded cereal filled with long-life milk. To stop the milk escaping or making the cereal soggy, a sugar inner coating is required (or some type of edible plastic, if you're worried about calories or just don't like them sweet). The purchaser simply bites the cereal once in the mouth & hey presto, breakfast is served!

Perhaps the odd one could contain a free plastic toy too!

slancaster, May 16 2001

UHT milk http://en.wikipedia...perature_processing
UHT milk has an unrefrigerated shelf life of 6-9 months. [Voice, Feb 12 2012]


       OK, we can see why cornflakes wouldn't work, can't we? How much milk would you get into a hollow flake 1mm thick?
Rice-Crispie-shaped product should work, though, except that the milk would go sour (and the 'non-dairy-creamer' option is not an option!).
Why not just eat the box - it has more food value than the contents, *and* tastes better.
angel, May 16 2001

       Oh sorry, I was thinking more of expanding the cornflake into a hollow sphere shape.
slancaster, May 16 2001

       Why not have single-serving cereal packets that can be opened to form the bowl with a separate container of long-life, self-chilling milk (some kind of endothermic reaction built into the base).   

       I remember seeing a documentary once about a cycle courier who ate a whole box of cheerios for breakfast by just cutting open the box and pouring in a pint of milk. It looked kind of fun.
gravelpit, May 16 2001

       The milk could be in a separate section of the box. When you open the box to form a bowl, the inner reservoir ruptures, releasing the milk into the cereal.
angel, May 16 2001

       Ah yes, but Mephista, it's difficult to do it like that if you've already forgotten to have breakfast and are halfway to work ...
Rodomontade, May 16 2001

       aha, but, if you've forgotten breakfast and are halfway to work (aren't we all), then you've probably forgotten your milk-filled cereal as well. Just stock the center console of your car with breakfast bars and bottled water. Milk on cereal is overrated anyway....I like my Fruit Loops dry.
Susen, May 16 2001

       No one has mentioned that cereal breaks in box. Mess in box results. Fishbone gets the square.
globaltourniquet, May 16 2001

       I keep reading this as "milk-fed corn flakes". Sort of like veal, I suppose, except you could use an even smaller pen.
PotatoStew, May 16 2001

       The milk could be UHT pasteurized so that it would keep without refrigeration. (yes, everything I know about food technology I learned from _Cryptonomicon_.)   

       Mephista, cornflakes for breakfast is pretty pre-fab already; pre-adding the milk is only a small step. You want less prefab, eat an omelet or something. (If you can buy pre-cooked omelets I don't want to know about it.)
wiml, May 17 2001

       Sorry, [wiml], but... My local supermarket offers all manner of things pre-made and *frozen*, including sliced onions, sliced mushrooms, Yorkshire puddings (filled with Bolognaise sauce!), and, yes, omelettes.
Also, for some reason I have never been able to figure, ice cubes. I mean, where do you store them?
angel, May 17 2001

       When you need a lot of ice at once, say for a picnic, you don't want to spend a week making ice in the two trays you have and dumping it into a bag in the freezer.
StarChaser, May 19 2001

       "Right out of the Box -- the story of how Mike Bikerider eats his breakfast"   

       Critics panned this documentary for its narrow scope, but fans from around the world have given it their thumbs-up at the box office. There is something visceral, something that inspires a comforting regression, watching Mike pour the milk into the box, slowly, carefully, and consuming the popular oats. As we watch, we wish we could be Mike, just like years ago, when our parents would scold us for eating the cereal with our fingers, we wished we could just do whatever we wanted with our breakfast. Well, here, Mike does it for us. This is his appeal, and this is the appeal of this stirring documentary. Rated PG-13, some material may not be suitable to children who are often scolded for trying things they see in the movies at home.
globaltourniquet, Jun 08 2001

       <grins at GT>   

       Mike, I've got a couple of those cereal bars at hand...It does look much like Oreo filling, but has sort of a sweet-milk flavor to it. Not really overpoweringly milk, just an addition to the flavor of the Cinnamon Toast Crunch compressed and sugar-glued together outside it. Is pretty good...
StarChaser, Jun 09 2001

       I think this whole idea could actually work. You can already get single serving boxes of cereal, so why not make them slightly bigger and supply a sachet of UHT milk. You could sell them in newsagents. Just pick one up on the way to work. Supply comlpete with plastic spoon.   

       Sell em for £1 a time - you'de make a forture but they would sell like hotcakes.   

       Someone really should do this. Fantastic Idea, have a bread thingy.
CasaLoco, Jun 10 2001

       Casa that idea is baked. I can get such a product at my local supermarket. A box of cereal with a little container of milk in a foil package. They have them in the refrigerated section. Comes with a spoon too.
globaltourniquet, Jun 11 2001

       I had a friend from Korea who showed me a box of Frosted Flakes he had with what was probably the funniest thing I ever read. The back of the box read:
Step 1: Open package
Step 2: Pour cereal into bowl
Step 3: Add milk and eat

It wouldn't have been funny to me except that it was serious.
AfroAssault, Jul 02 2001

       Hindsight is 20/20 when camping, and it struck me how easy it is to get a quick bowl of milk 'n' cereal.   

       Mix accordingly, amounts of cereal and dry skim milk powder in a plastic container. Add water when needed. Just leave your water out overnight, and most times of the camping season, it'll be cold enough in the morning. Plus, wherever you may go, water is much more easily accessed than cold, fresh milk.
Wes, Sep 25 2002

       This is a real product.   

       MRE's, and other survival foods have ceral that only require the addition of water.
xylene, Oct 07 2003

       In 12 years no-one has pointed out that //a sugar inner coating// would dissolve in the milk.
spidermother, Feb 13 2012


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