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Piezo-Electric Cereal

Piezo-Electric Peer Pressure Cereal
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"Captain Zoom! Crispy-Pop Piezo Electric Snap Flakes(tm)" A cereal made for putting younger siblings through the h*ll that they'll put up with, just to annoy the elder sibling and any of their friends.

This cereal tastes pretty bad, is non-toxic even in large quantities, and as the name implies, sends peizo electric shocks through your mouth every time you crunch.

The best part is, you and your friend act as if it's GREAT and see if you can get the younger sibling to go along with it!

Better than chewing aluminum foil, and if you eat it in the dark, you can watch your mouth light up!

Trunk, Aug 12 2002


       Damn, shock treatment was first on my list today, too. Where do I get some of this? At the fish market?
Mr Burns, Aug 12 2002

       It'd be too expensive.
my-nep, Oct 07 2003

       I think that this could be more easily implemented with the "old lamp cord to the doorknob" trick. Furthermore, it might be tricky to make piezoelectric crystals non-toxic in large quantities. Quartz (sand) may not be toxic per se, but it sure isn't good for you.
Macwarrior, May 03 2004

       instead of releasing the shock into the mouth, i propose installing a small capacitor on each flake... allow the charge to build up and then feed it back into the piezo which will now act as a high-pitch buzzer... screaming cereal. flakes have feelings, too...
bkyaffe, Mar 13 2005


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