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It's a Sunni day, today,
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A small, multi-purpose device (probably electronic, because no-one uses slide rules any longer) used to train the inquiring mind in the ways of legal judgment, jurisprudence, social realities, Arabic and all of the Hadiths.

Not for unbelievers but certainly for religious young Turks.

UnaBubba, May 02 2012


       Another of your Shi'ite ideas?   

       On the one hand, it could be used to implement Sharia law. On the other hand… oh.
8th of 7, May 02 2012

       Well done.
UnaBubba, May 02 2012

       I thought I saw Del Boy flogging these down at the pub.
4whom, May 02 2012

       More than likely, but they probably weren't Kosher…
8th of 7, May 02 2012

       You know Del Boy and his shaky deals. All about the profit!
4whom, May 02 2012

       His premises are a veritable Mecca for those seeking a bargain - anything from Halal bacon to Mosqueto repellant…
8th of 7, May 02 2012

       Mosqueto repellent. Niiiice!
UnaBubba, May 03 2012


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