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Personal Time + Motion Study Help Site

People contribute suggestions to a person's desire to improve their life
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This idea revolves around a personal time and motion study website where people, who are seeking improvement in their lives, can submit their detailed daily routines for others to comment/provide advice, in the hopes that somebody’s constructive advice will lead to that person having more time available to themselves or a better way of doing things for that person. This website would ideally be run on an altruistic basis where people could freely contribute their advice.
NumboJumbo, Jan 03 2009


       And I'm accessing the site via dialup. </sob>
lurch, Jan 04 2009

       //submit their detailed daily routines// - possible security issues here: "... at 07:15 every day I leave my house for work, leaving it unoccupied until 18:30 ..."
hippo, Jan 05 2009

       Bah - I can only assume that this is a cheekily veiled dig at time and motion studies. The problem is that the sort of people who enjoy recording and cataloguing the minutiae of their daily lives evidently have far too much time of their hands already.   

       Meanwhile, those people who have pared and honed their time-usage down to embrace such efficiencies as leaving their beer-cans stuffed down the back of the settee in order to save on clearing-up time, simply laugh scornfully and set about another heavy drinking session.   

       I fear were I to submit my movements to a T&M group, the response would be a resoundingly clear - "Stop pissing about!" - the trouble is, I'm particularly good at it.   

       Improve my life?   

       I don't need time and motion, I need an assistant!
zen_tom, Jan 05 2009


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