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new means of annoyance

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Take a rape alarm (or other sonic device) and attach it to a helium balloon let it go a room with high ceilings and it will produce a noise disturbance until the battery runs out.

I cannot think of any ethical, life-affirming applications for this but I'm sure there is one.

bob, Oct 14 2017


       Self help: ?   

       A way of 'smashing plates' but not smash a plate? And like [2fries] said, feel better.
wjt, Oct 14 2017

       Alternative war methods? Bug thy neighbor until they move?
RayfordSteele, Oct 14 2017

       This makes me think of a new cat toy. A while ago MIT published a thing about focalized sound where you could narrow beam sound to any part of a room, so the sound was highly localized.   

       So you aim chirping bird sounds at different cat toys scattered around the room providing a followable circuit of amusement to the cat.
beanangel, Oct 14 2017

       Noriega Simulator 2017
Cuit_au_Four, Oct 15 2017


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